What is got noise? from Body By Milk?
got noise? from Body By Milk is a groundbreaking, hands-on music video program for teens 13-18. got noise? from Body By Milk gives teens a shot to make Usher’s music video. Not just for him. With him. Teen crews will collaborate with Usher to come up with a video concept for his latest single and work together to create, direct and produce a music video – in just one week.

Will Usher* really be on-set?
Yes! This past year, Usher was on set, exchanging ideas with the crew, and the crewdirected him in the video that they made.

Is this a camp?
got noise? from Body By Milk is an action-packed week of filmmaking, divided into Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production!

Who is eligible for got noise? from Body By Milk
You must be between the ages of 13-18 during production.

I have no experience in film. Is that a big deal?
There is absolutely no experience necessary to be on either got noise? crew. We are looking for creative teens, super fans, anybody with a passion to work as part of a team to make Usher’s music video!

What happens during the got noise? from Body By Milk
production week?

You're going to learn how to make a music video. Then you're going to make one! Interns, along with adult instructors, will teach you everything you need to know in an intensive, seven-day filmmaking boot camp.

You'll get tech training on the equipment, training from producers who will teach you how to arrange for film permits, craft services and so much more. Industry training will walk you through the process of arranging auditions, making callbacks and rehearsals.

You'll make a shot-by-shot storyboard for your script, and on shoot day, you'll get in there and actually make that video. When the shoot is over, you'll return to headquarters and start editing your masterpiece. For more info on how production works, check out the production process.

Where and when will got noise? be shot?
The first-ever got noise? from Body By Milk program was filmed in Los Angeles, CA. The selected applicants and their adult chaperone flew out and accommodations were provided by the program.

How do I enter to become a got noise? from Body By Milk crew member?
STAY TUNED HERE to hear about opportunities for this program.

Do I HAVE to answer the application questions?
Yes! It’s how we pick our crews!

Can I enter for my friends?
Not if you want to run the risk of them making the crew instead of you. We evaluate each filmmaker on their individual entry, so encourage your friends to sign up on their own – it’s really easy!

So you’re gonna give me money to make my video?
Sorry, no. But we will teach you the producing, directing and editing skills you will need to create your own music video.

I am a musician – will you make my music video?
Unfortunately, no. One music video at a time! But our Fresh Sounds program may interest you. Check it out here.

How much is this program going to cost me?
There are no tuition or application fees for the Body By Milk got noise? program. Body by Milk sponsors this WHOLE experience for all selected teens.

Who gets to write the concept?
You and your crew do, (with Usher’s)* input, of course!

What equipment are we going to use?
Get ready to start drooling! You will be handed HD camera equipment and provided professional editing stations where you’ll learn the fundamentals of production, shooting and editing a music video in just 7 days.

What is this online vote-off business?
We premiere both teen-made videos online. America will select their favorite music video. Each voter could also enter to win cool prizes as they vote.

What kind of prize do we get for winning?
In addition to scoring the major experience of directing a superstar’s music video, the crew that wins the most votes in our online battle wins BIG! They’ll celebrate their success in style with VIP Usher tickets and continue to create after “cut” is called with an Apple-powered studio, complete with MacBook computers and Final Cut Pro editing software!

How will I know if I am accepted onto a got noise? from Body By Milk crew?
We will contact you via email and phone with more information after the application process has ended.

Still have questions? Email us at info@got-noise.com.

*The music artist may be different for the upcoming program.