The Body By Milk got noise? crew gets the chance to create, cast, produce and shoot a real music video with a legendary talent. NO EXPERIENCE is necessary to take part in the program, as our producers train the crew on how to use top-of-the-line filmmaking equipment and editing software, right on set.

Here's how the 2009 Body By Milk got noise? program went down:

Creativity started once the 2009 filmmakers were selected. Ideas were shared and the concept for the video was developed through conference calls and emails with filmmakers located across the country. Once in L.A., the crew dove right into making the video a reality. For the most part, days lasted from 9am – 4pm. The crew dealt with casting, callbacks, storyboards, location scouting, rehearsals, tech training, exchanging ideas with Usher and more.

Shoot Day
Shoot Day started early and ran late. The crew was a well-oiled video-making machine by this point. The teens directed Usher and made a video that was a smashing success!

During the tail-end of the week, the crew worked together to edit the video on an Apple-powered studio, complete with MacBook computers and Final Cut Pro software.

The 2009 crew got to make a music video for and with Usher. Not to mention HISTORY! We can't wait to announce next year's program and other similar opportunities. Join our mailing list and STAY CONNECTED. This way YOU won't miss out on the 2010 Body By Milk got noise? program!